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dminder tracks Vitamin D from the sun.

Optimal time of the day

You can tell dminder to notify you that solar noon is coming (as it is the best time to get vitamin D because the sun is at its highest point in the sky).

Next D opportunity

When there is D available, a button appears to start a solar session, when it's not available, dminder tells you when your next D opportunity will be, if it's 10 seconds from now or two months (if you are farther than 35ยบ from the equator, you only get D for part of the year).

Helps prevent burns

dminder computes the recommended time given your skin type and the current UV index, and tells you when you have to stop your session to prevent being burned.

Vitamin D stopwatch

dminder can be used as a stopwatch to get vitamin D, and you can set a target (by amount of D or time) before starting your exposure session. That way, once the time expires, it makes a noise and you can go in or put on sunscreen.

Once you have your target, tap the dial and it will count the time out, showing progress. (You can also swipe up/down to change time from count up to down to the end of the session so you can see time remaining.)


dminder provides you with the forecast for the next 5 days, as well an annual solar forecast that shows exactly what days of the year D will be available where you are.


The app allows you to set your daily target amounts.


The top gauge shows you what the app thinks your current D level is, taking all sun sessions, supplements and food doses into account. The other gauges show total amount of D from the sun in the last 30, 60 and 90 days.

D estimator

The app has a built in estimator you can use to get a baseline, or you can enter a lab result.


The amount of pigment in your skin affects D generated (difference between lightest and darkest is 10x).


dminder helps you to schedule events and notifies you when you should have a session.


In the pro version, you have complete control over session history.


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